ReCareer changes lives

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"I found the ReCareer Success Inventory to be a wonderful instrument to use with my client. The RSI provided an open door to do some great coaching to move my clients forward. Through the discussion of each of the competencies, My client was made aware of many issues that he had not imagined were blocking his journey to success. We tackled them head on and developed strategies to overcome those obstacles. The client was most appreciative of having such an instrument to identify the competencies and the valuable coaching that accompanied its interpretation. "
Tanya K Bodzin MCC
"Dr. Johnson’s ReCareer training program is very well structured and thought-out. Based on his rich experience, Dr. Johnson knows how to incorporate both the professional and philosophical aspects of working life. The ReCareer training program is an in-depth quality-of-life enhancing tool, easy to understand and apply. - It is a pleasure cooperating with Dr. Johnson and his team and I wish to express my thanks for the constantly high quality of service."
Maya Kitchen Consulting GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland
"I was privileged to take the ReCareer training and I realized that many people would need my services. But nothing in my fondest dreams made me anticipate such receptivity. At one networking gathering I received five leads and a referral. At a meeting this morning I received two resumes and a referral. What's most interesting, a sales person with a high paying job wants to meet with me because she wants the ReCareer Success Inventory, she wants to learn all about the 15 competencies. I have enough to keep me busy for 3 months following up with the people who want appointments now. Today, I received my first client for ReCareer only 1 week after finishing training. What's most gratifying, he closed himself. There was no hard selling. Met for coffee, asked plenty of questions and did lots of listening."
Joseph D'Andrea CPBA,CRC
"I have built a coaching and consulting practice that incorporates my corporate experience and my dissertation research with the ReCareer framework. As a Transition Coach and "The ReCareerist", I now claim expertise in helping the tsunami of individuals who are facing the inevitable phase of life when they must consider how to shift from a life of work to their life's work. ReCareer provides the assessment, exercises, and insight activities that provoke transformational coaching conversations."
Jylla Moore Foster, Ph.D.
"I work with professional women 50 and over who aren't necessarily interested in addressing issues around retirement at this point in their life, but in determining if the career track they are on is one that continues to drive them. Although my certification in retirement coaching through Retirement Options has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and training to work with these women, I felt that there was something more I could be offering them to help them assess if their current high-level career truly aligned with their evolving values and beliefs. For many women at midlife, it becomes increasingly important that these two areas mesh. Dr. Johnson's ReCareer coaching program was just what I was looking for, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in working with older clients around career issues. It dovetails quite well with retirement coaching also, and Dr. Johnson provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking curriculum. With my ReCareer coaching certification I expect to catapult my business and my expertise to the next level."
Evelyn Kalinosky
"I am working with several clients who have achieved great success in their careers. Despite these achievements, they are yearning for more meaning and purpose in their lives. Their goal is a new career that reflects who they are and not what other people think they should be. The ReCareer Coach Certification program is providing me with a methodology that will help these clients to reach a deeper level of discovery. This curriculum is chock-full of activities and resources well-suited for adults embarking on their ReCareer journey."
Rosanne Scriffignano Ph.D.