Assestment: RSI

ReCareer Success Inventory

RSI: ReCareer Success Inventory The ReCareer Success Inventory (RSI) is the product of Dr. Richard Johnson’s over 30 years of research in the field of career transition and adult development. The RSI evaluates the 15 core competencies and measures both behavioral and attitudinal readiness for each. These fifteen competencies include such items as: ReCareer Success Perception, ReCareer Transition Hardiness, ReCareer Aspirations and ReCareer Positive Mental Attitude along with eleven other vital competencies for ReCareer success. The ReCareer training enables the coach to administer and interpret the RSI scores for the client. The coach is also empowered with insight activities and powerful questions to help the client better explore his/her true ReCareer path.

The RSI is an entirely new career assessment program unlike anything currently available. This assessment is not a career values test, not an interest survey, and not a trait and factor analysis… it stands alone and unmatched in the career coaching community.

As a Certified ReCareer Coach you earn the exclusive rights to administer the ReCareer Success Inventory. The RSI is the foundation to your ReCareer coach sequence and the pivotal tool for establishing your client’s ReCareer direction.

The RSI is the only career assessment that literally pays you back!

Here’s how it works...
All certified ReCareer Coaches are awarded the right to place the RSI icon directly on their website. This is given to you at no additional cost. This icon links directly to a sub-site on where your clients (and anyone who finds your site) can easily take and pay for the RSI. ReCareer Inc. automatically scores the results and provides you and your client with a detailed 24-page analysis. This analysis serves as your coaching prescription in creating the most effective coaching scope and sequence for the client.

The RSI "payback" model is revolutionary to the career assessment industry. ReCareer Inc. will pay you $60 for every one of your clients that takes the RSI through your website. The RSI is available ONLY through Certified ReCareer Coaches. This "payback" assessment model literally pays you directly for using the ReCareer Success Inventory (RSI) in your coaching practice. This $60 is on top of your normal and customary coaching fees. Earn more for your time and expertise with ReCareer. Catapult your coaching website into a new profit center with the RSI.