Coaching Sequence

Clear steps to achieve success

ReCareer gives you clear steps to achieve success with your clients.

While the RSI is an advanced tool, the coaching sequence is a simple yet very effective process for you and your clients. ReCareer coach training allows you to feel increasingly comfortable not only with the content of the ReCareer system but also with the flow and the sequence of your work with your clients. The ReCareer coaching sequence is intuitively easy to learn and practice. It allows your clients to move swiftly gaining new data and insights along the path, all the while staying motivated and directed towards a singular ReCareer goal.

The five basic steps of the ReCareer coaching sequence:

  1. Client takes the RSI
  2. Interpretive session with client to determine which of the 15 factors require focused attention
  3. Introduce the book, ReCareer: Find Your Authentic Work
  4. Assign chapter(s) in ReCareer: Find Your Authentic Work for next session along with the Insight Activities
  5. Consecutively move through the 15 factors of the ReCareer program, giving more focused attention to those factors as directed by the RSI results

The ReCareer Certification teaches you how to integrate these steps into a seamless process of change.