Book: ReCareer

Find Your Authentic Work

ReCareer: Find Your Authentic Work This 257 page book written by Dr. Johnson is an invaluable tool in your work as a Certified ReCareer Coach. The purpose of the book is to lead your clients (together with the RSI, the Powerful Questions, and the Insight Activities) to identify that personal goal, that dream, that life cause, or new life purpose that can vitalize them, give them new energy and stimulate their "inner juices." The book gives the crucial content that when combined with the other parts of the ReCareer Certification, can activate your clients to identify and focus completely on a clearly defined goal, one that taps into your client's unique gifts and talents, and sparks them to move forward with renewed confidence and commitment. This new vision of self jumpstarts constructive action.

In the book Dr. Johnson teaches the fifteen competencies necessary to convert career dreams into reality. These competencies are divided into three clusters: 1) the ReCareer Self Assessment Cluster,
2) ReCareer Competencies Cluster 3) ReCareer Search Planning Skills Cluster. The foundation of the ReCareer process is built on these fifteen competencies and are vital for your ReCareer coaching success.